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WorkGuru is the key to making your workshop profitable. Whether you're a general fabrictor and repair shop, or you build trailers, trucks, boats or caravans, we've got you covered.

Whether you bill fixed fees or by the hourWORKGURU Makes you bigger profits

WorkGuru | Workshop Management Software

General Fabrication

If it's made with metal, you can fix it! And we've got you covered. WorkGuru was built to cover everything from tracking your RHS & SHS, to billing the right tradesman to the job.
WorkGuru | Workshop Management Software

Trailer Manufacturing

Want a fast way to track 
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Conveyor Belts

Whether you're building websites, brands, or campaigns, our flexibile invoicing, recurring jobs, and time tracking have you covered.
WorkGuru | Workshop Management Software

Mining Equipment

Whether you're on a client site, or in the workshop, keep track of everything that goes into every project, from hours, to stock and purchases - in real time. 
WorkGuru | Workshop Management Software

Heavy Vehicles

Whether you service trucks, mining equipment, farm machinery or even water tanks - WorkGuru has a full range of features to make tracking your jobs a breeze!

Do Your Job CardsIn Real Time

With our Kiosk app for the Workshop, every staff member can clock every hour, and every part straight onto the job as it happens.
No UnBilled hours
No FREE PARts MORE Profitable JOBS
WorkGuru | Workshop Management Software
Don't Waste Another Year on Skinny Margins
get on top of your workshop, and make it work for you

When you make it easy for your staff to record time and parts on a job as it happens, you'll be amazed at what happens. Billable hours go up, inventory shrinkage goes down, and you get paid for the service that you actually provide!


Fortuna has been using WorkGuru since 2019. WorkGuru has changed our business massively around time, structure and management. We would strongly recommend WorkGuru .

Fortuna Straightline Engineering
All the things that matter in one place
Quoting, Timesheets, Invoicing and Stock - all together

Wouldn't it be great to have everything together in one place? Keep a single view of everything that's happening, and being able to step in if a job's going bad?

Ditch all of your spreadsheets, and bring it all together in one place. 

Glen Carrigan

“We started with handwritten diaries and invoices before we moved to WorkGuru and Xero, so it made a huge difference in how quickly we can turn around our payroll and invoicing”, commented Glen. With the software pulling together timesheets, stock costs and tasks into a project overview, it’s now much easier to manage a project start to finish, and know how much was made.

Owner - Border Fabrication
WorkGuru | Workshop Management Software
WorkGuru | Workshop Management Software
Michael LEeds
CEO - Hydromech Hoist and Crane

WorkGuru has been awesome, highly responsive, breaking down what can be a minefield of foreign language into simple, followable instructions. Already starting to see what's capable with this weapon, and just scratching the surface. Couldn't be happier

WorkGuru | Workshop Management Software
Theo Tham
Engineer - Cossill and Webley

“Our business is fairly unique so we were never going to get something off the shelf that worked, we needed a framework that could be configured to our needs and the WorkGuru team have delivered precisely that,”

Yolanda Gerges
yolanda gerges
Business Owner - The Rype Group

Workguru have nailed the all in one! Blown away with all the features and power of this platform. Not only does it do quoting/invoicing/timesheets, it has CRM, project management, job estimations, inventory management and powerful reporting. Migrating over from WorkflowMax using their migration tool is also a breeze. Gamechanger.

WorkGuru | Workshop Management Software
Here's How...

We have tried MANY management programs before finding WorkGuru. Trust me when I say, this program is EXCELLENT. It has quotes, inventory, purchase orders, time sheets, products, clients, projects and great reporting etc. 

If for some reason, if there isn't a feature you require, email support and if they cant create it for you (not often happens), they give you other ideas on how to achieve the outcome. The support team is quick and efficient in getting back to you. Stop looking and sign up!

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