Importing Products 101: How to add product data into WorkGuru

WorkGuru | Importing Products 101: How to add product data into WorkGuru

Getting a new project management system set up can be much easier when you have existing data to use and WorkGuru is no exception. The system will let you bulk upload existing product information to save you hours of time manually adding these in line by line.

While it’s designed to be easy, there are a few things to keep in mind when uploading your information which will make the process smoother. Remember, if you are self implementing and feel that you could benefit from some extra help, you can get implementation support from WorkGuru.io or our partners. 


Double check your data before uploading

There are few basic checks that you can run before uploading your CSV file to WorkGuru. For example, you’ll want to make sure that all the mandatory fields are filled in. This includes the SKU, product name, cost & sell prices and tracking type. Making sure that you have all this information before you try to upload will help you to avoid error messages. 

WorkGuru has a template file that can help you make sure you have all the information you need. It can be found here

Checking your SKU numbers is also recommended to make sure that they have not been auto-formatted. For example, your spreadsheet app might remove zeros from the start of your number or otherwise change your formatting. 


Use the right format for pricing

Depending on where this data has come from, there might be a few formatting choices that aren’t compatible with WorkGuru. Before uploading your file, check to make sure that your sell and cost price entries don’t have a “$” symbol (or other currency symbols) and commas. There are a few ways that you can quickly fix these issues. For example you can use the “Find and Replace” tool in Excel to remove commas

It's also key to make sure there are no blanks in these columns. If there is no price for that product, add a “0”(zero) instead. 


Add supplier information first

WorkGuru can’t assign products to specific suppliers unless there are supplier records in place first. Make sure that you have uploaded your supplier list before you try to upload your products. Double check that the supplier name is correct and appears exactly the same on your product list and in WorkGuru. If there’s an exact match, WorkGuru can do the heavy lifting and save you from having to manually link suppliers & products. 


Need more help importing products?

WorkGuru has extensive support documents available to all users to make the most of the tools available. Check out a full guide to uploading products, including extra tips and things to look out for. While it can seem daunting at first, having a smooth set-up can make all the difference and get you benefitting from the tools a lot sooner. If you're unsure, reading over the support document can be a great place to start.

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