WorkGuru helped Hydromech Save 40 Hours Per Week

When Hydromech approached us here at WorkGuru, we instantly knew that we would be able to help them save time and money. By working closely together, Hydromech was able to save over 40 hours per week by taking advantage of WorkGuru’s plethora of tools.

About Hydromech

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Hydromech + WorkGuru

The story of Hydromech + WorkGuru working together.

Initial Consultation

Hydromech approached us in early 2019 with the need to consolidate their business management tools as they were using a lot of different tools.

Consolidation & Setup

After our initial consultation, we found that Hydromech was spending a small fortune on multiple tools to manage their business.

Live on WorkGuru

We were able to set up Fortuna on the Hydromech platform, consolidating all of their previous tools into 1 thus saving their team time and money.

The Results

Using WorkGuru, Hydromech was able to save over 40 hours per week. The team at Hydromech had the following to say about WorkGuru:

Insert testimonial from Hydromech.