4 Ways to save time & money with WorkGuru.io

WorkGuru | 4 Ways to save time & money with WorkGuru.io

A good business managemen software can help you to streamline your business to save time and money in your business. Here are the top four ways WorkGuru can help with that.


Save time on admin

Admin time is a profitability killer in a lot of businesses. Keeping good records is always recommended (and sometimes compulsory), but taking hours out of your day to maintain and manage can take a toll on your productivity.

WorkGuru gives you the tools to manage your essential admin while saving you time. Because the records in WorkGuru “talk” to each other, you don’t have to double handled and enter data more than once. WorkGuru also integrates with accounting software like Xero to save you time. 

Even the everyday tasks, like quoting, are made faster and easier with templating. This means you can spend more time doing the things that generate money for your business. 

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Track down hidden costs

From late timesheets & overtime to excessive freight to miscalculated stock levels, WorkGuru helps you weed out those hidden costs in your business that could be costing you thousands.

By giving you visibility of everything from quote margins, to project costs, to FIFO stock costs WorkGuru puts you back in control of your costs. You’re able to identify some common hidden costs and in some cases stop them before they occur. You’ll have the tools to see the costs in your business, monitor changes and work to improve common issues. 

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Unify your operations

A lot of time and money can be saved by having one place for your business operations. You and your team save time from not having to double enter data across multiple locations which also reduces the risk of errors which could take hours to uncover. You also save time when trying to find the information again because you know you have one source of truth to go to. WorkGuru makes records really easily searchable so you can find what you're after right away.

You can save money by consolidating your software. Rather than having to buy twice over (or more) for every team member log-in, a central management hub means fewer monthly subscriptions.


See and understand your stock

The benefits of understanding your stock are not just being able to fulfil orders. Understanding your purchasing and stock levels help you to take advantage of bulk ordering and stop you from ordering stock that you don’t need. 

Good stock management helps save WorkGuru customers simply by being able to confirm what they have in stock. 

For example, in the past, we might have missed $50,000 of stock we had and might have ordered more in just because we didn’t know we had it. That just can’t happen anymore. 

Michael, Hydromech Hoist & Crane. Read More in the HydroMech Case Study.


You can save your time too. WorkGuru’s par level controls help you quickly order stock you need in with a few clicks! With perpetual stock management tools you can stay confident about what you have without needed to do a physical check each time. Watch a quick summary on how quick stock can be used in WorkGuru

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Think an all-in-one project management system is right for you? 

WorkGuru was built to be a complete solution for companies that design, build, or fix things. We service the manufacturing, construction, engineering, and fabrication industries, from lead registration, right through to your final invoice. 

If you think WorkGuru sounds right for your business, get in touch with us and request a free demo or training session today.

WorkGuru | 4 Ways to save time & money with WorkGuru.io