CRM, Projects, Inventory and Asset Management

WorkGuru was built for companies who have multiple facets to their business, and need a single system to track them all. Whether you’re looking to replace multiple systems, or simply move from spreadsheets to a proper cloud system, WorkGuru is the system for you.

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Are you tired of trying to juggle multiple systems and endless spreadsheets?

WorkGuru gives you all the powerful features that you need to run your business, and yet, KEEPS IT SIMPLE! WorkGuru has been built for Australian businesses, by people who have consulted to over 2000 Australian businesses. We know what’s important to you, and we’ve built WorkGuru to provide the support Australian businesses need to make the right decisions, and get their daily jobs done quickly, easily, and with a minimum of fuss.

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All of our features are designed to give you the power that you need, with a simple user interface


Lead likelihood tracker
Email Integration *BETA
Proposal Document Templates
Quote Templates
Forecast Sales by Quote Expected Date
Proposal Document Templates
Custom Fields
Quick search and filter
Create Job from Quote


Job Costing
Stock Usage
Forecast vs Acutal cost
Document Storage
Raise PO for all items on job
Custom Fields
Custom Job Documents
Job Template
Project Groups
Quick search and filter
Record Notes
Task and Project Due Date Tracking


Product Management
FIFO costing
Real time SOH levels
Supports non-stock products
Seamless Xero integration
Quick search and filter
Stock Movement tracking


Buy stock for inventory
POs for disbursements on jobs
Invoice clients for disbursements with margin
Seamless Xero integration
Quick search and filter


Percentage Invoicing
Milestone invoicing
Actuals Invoice
Custom amount invoicing
Custom invoice documents
Seamless Xero integration
Quick search and filter


Record all services against an asset
Track every timesheet on any job
Track all parts used on service
Forecast next work date
Keep all notes about an asset in one place
Custom Fields
Quick search and filter