5 Free Ways to Get More from Project Management Software

WorkGuru | 5 Free Ways to Get More from Project Management Software

A project management system can be a great investment for your business, helping you to save time and money and giving you powerful insights.

While they aren’t secrets, there are lots of things that businesses neglect to do that can help them get even better results. Here are five little things you can do to help make the most out of your project management system every day. 


Understand the features

While it can seem like an obvious one, really getting to know the features and how they work can make a huge difference. You could be missing out on saving time by reducing the steps needed to send out a quote, or you could be missing out on whole features altogether because you haven't seen their usefulness yet. 

Perhaps adding in Vehicle Rego numbers with WorkGuru’s custom fields can help save your team hours a week in searching for assets? There might be many features like this that your business didn’t explore when setting up your software, but might be useful now. You can uncover these by spending time exploring the software or looking over information about the platform.


Refresh your staff training

If your team has grown or changed since you started using project management software, it might be time to give them a refresher. Even if it's the same staff since day one, you may be surprised how many team members have found their own “much better” way to do things that misses the point entirely. 

Giving your team some time to learn the correct way to use the software, or to show them new tools can be a great way to get extra value. The more smoothly your team can use your job management software, the more benefit you’ll get from it. Make sure they know what resources are available to help them solve problems, like WorkGuru’s support site, so you don’t need to spend your time answering questions. 

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Get feedback and share knowledge

In the same way that your team may slip away from doing the right thing over time, they also may find new and better ways to work that you didn’t think about when implementing the software. Maybe someone has created a new template that saves them time for every new project. Perhaps someone knows they could benefit from a new custom field, but hasn’t spoken up. 

Asking your team to speak up can help you keep your finger on the best ways to do things, especially in sections of your business where you spend less time. You could stumble across something big that will save your business time and money every day. 


Stay up-to-date

While a project management system does a lot of heavy lifting in the background, regularly checking in can help to get even more value. Systems like WorkGuru are collecting information 24/7, which is going to waste if you aren’t using the reporting functionality. Taking the time to look over your figures and see if there are any opportunities for improvement that can help you to make some great, data-driven decisions. 

It’s also key to try and stay up to date with the latest features and updates the software has. Keep one eye open for new ways your business can be using the software and new tools at your disposal. WorkGuru is constantly building new features and improvements for our clients, so there is always something new on the horizon that our customers can benefit from, our blog is a great place to find them.


Don’t cut corners

If you want to get the most out of your job management tool, the best thing you can do is be thorough. Powerful tools can give you great business insights, but you have to put in to get out. Making sure you set up your information correctly and train up your team to use the tools well and you will see much better returns. 

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How WorkGuru can help

WorkGuru can help you set up your account to get the most benefit. We offer a free training session before sign-up so you can get familiar with the tools, and offer flexible onboarding packages that can help you to train up your team and set up well.

There are also regular updates that help you get the most out of the platform. We keep customers informed of changes with regular email updates so you can keep your finger on the pulse. 

If you're interested in trialing WorkGuru,  give us a call or fill in our contact form and the team will be in touch. 

WorkGuru | 5 Free Ways to Get More from Project Management Software


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