December Updates

WorkGuru | December Updates

New Releases

Xero Timesheets Integration

Well, after last month's near miss, we're finally upto releasing our Xero timesheets integration. The integration will take approved timesheets, round them up to a daily total, and send them through to Xero ready to populate your payrun.

For this to work, you must have a draft payrun open in Xero, which WorkGuru will use as the date range to push data. Then, from our Xero integrations page, select Send Time Sheets. This will bring up a summary of your approved timesheets for the period, which looks like the below. When you're happy, hit the big "Send Timesheets to Xero" button, and guess what will happen! Huzzah!

WorkGuru | December Updates

Communications Improvements - Email to project and lead

Following on from last month, we've made improvements to our email integration, which more cleanly allows you to see exactly what has been emailed into each project, and lead. Each email is broken into the text / content of the email, with links to the files attached for a timeline view. Additionally, we place easy reference links to anything you've emailed in straight into the files view as outlined below.


WorkGuru | December Updates
WorkGuru | December Updates

UI Updates

We've updated several parts of the application to give you better readability of the key data that matters to you. Central to that, is hiding data that isn't immediately necessary on line items for quotes, projects, and invoices, and letting you expand the row to see hidden data as required.

This allows us to give cleaner information about due dates and staff assignments on projects, and tax rates and GL codes on invoices, while expanding the room you have for individual line item descriptions.

We've also added the ability to bulk approve invoices, and timesheets.

WorkGuru | December Updates
WorkGuru | December Updates
WorkGuru | December Updates

Upload Parts List to Quotes, Projects, and Templates

So, for all of our engineering and fabrication clients wanting to take the output of CAD files and upload them into a job, we've added the ability to do exactly that. Whether it's to create a new Quote, Project, or Template, each page now has a Bulk Add Products button, which will allow you to upload a CSV containing your product list.

To enable you to deal with one-off builds without destroying your inventory list, you can add products here that you're not tracking, and WorkGuru will treat them as one offs, and not add them to your master part list.

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