Turning good record-keeping into a tangible point of difference with WorkGuru.io

WorkGuru | Turning good record-keeping into a tangible point of difference with WorkGuru.io

Turning good record-keeping into a tangible point of difference with WorkGuru.io

Supplying regional businesses in and around Rockhampton and Dalby, Conveyor Belt Company is a regional hub for all things conveyor belts. With many businesses in the region reliant on conveyor systems to stay operational, Conveyor Belt Company set out to keep them up and running with as minimal downtime as possible.

At the same time, they were struggling with their project management system and were looking for a solution that could handle inventory management better. 

Little did they know that the two problems had the same answer: WorkGuru.io.

What was Conveyor Belt Company looking for? 

Nolan, the owner of Conveyor Belt Company was becoming increasingly frustrated that he couldn’t find an app that would let him manage inventory, project management and other business functions all at once. When a consultant put him on to WorkGuru, it immediately became clear it was a perfect fit.

A lot of apps do one thing really well but could never do everything we needed. WorkGuru is just different.

Nolan, Conveyor Belt Company

“A lot of systems we looked at treated inventory as an add on,” commented Nolan, “but our business is dependent on inventory, so it’s really important that we can manage it well. WorkGuru understands that.” 

Happy that WorkGuru was able to provide all the key features that they needed, Nolan moved his business onto the platform in 2020 and hasn’t looked back. 

Using a partner consultant to implement the technology and help train the team meant that Nolan was able to get started on WorkGuru with minimal fuss. 

How has WorkGuru helped them serve their customers better?

The inventory management and asset management tools have been a game-changer for Nolan. 

“We promise our customers fast & efficient service to help get their business back up and running as soon as possible if something goes wrong,” says Nolan. “Having WorkGuru keeping track of what we have on hand has been crucial to keeping that promise.”

Being regionally based, it isn’t always easy to get parts in when they are needed urgently. So being able to keep stock on hand and understand what they have is critical to being able to run their business smoothly. WorkGuru makes recording, using and understanding stock easy for Nolan and his team across two locations.

Not only that but with the asset management tools, Nolan has been able to communicate and understand the needs of his customers much better. “WorkGuru has made gathering, keeping and finding information for customers and past projects a breeze,” says Nolan, on WorkGuru’s asset management tools. 

The software lets him and his team keep quality records on the conveyor systems they have serviced and maintained. From recording the work done to specifications, drawings, photos, and technical details, Conveyor Belt Company can record everything they need to give their clients a good experience. It means that they fully understand the history of their customer’s conveyor systems and can make better decisions and recommendations and ultimately a better service.

WorkGuru is one of the only systems that has done this kind of reporting well.

Nolan, Conveyor Belt Company

Easy for the team to use

With a bit of training, the Conveyor Belt Company team were quickly able to adjust to using WorkGuru. “Things are just where you’d expect them to be, the whole platform is super intuitive,” says Nolan, “If you’ve ever used an app or web program, then you’ll be able to find everything you need in WorkGuru easy enough”.

The team know that they are backed by WorkGuru too. “Whenever there have been issues that the team have noticed, WorkGuru has acted quickly to fix the issues and my team have really appreciated that.”

Being cloud-based, WorkGuru has been easy to use over two locations for Conveyor Belt Company. Not only that, but the team have benefited from smooth record keeping and knowing exactly what their job is with less admin than ever. 

What does WorkGuru do well?

We’ve always felt that WorkGuru has our back. I’d happily give them a 10/10 for customer service.

Nolan, Conveyor Belt Company

Why does WorkGuru rate so highly? For Conveyor Belt Company it’s all about how genuine and practical WorkGuru is. Built for businesses like Nolan’s, the tools just made sense to him and his team. Better yet, Nolan never felt like he had to work hard to fit into the expectations of the platform. “The team really understand how businesses like mine work, and have built a platform with a real-world focus,” complimented Nolan.

WorkGuru has kept up with the team’s needs and what truly benefits businesses. A far cry from other software Conveyor Belt Company has worked with in the past, WorkGuru has always been hands-on and responsive to the needs of the team. “WorkGuru get it, so I can explain what I need and they already understand why,” said Nolan, adding “Updates and improvements are happening all the time and support is provided quickly.”

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WorkGuru | Turning good record-keeping into a tangible point of difference with WorkGuru.io

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