4 reasons architects choose WorkGuru Business Software

WorkGuru | 4 reasons architects choose WorkGuru Business Software

WorkGuru has been purpose-built to help manage everything from templated builds to large, complex and bespoke projects. Because of this, there are so many features that make WorkGuru a great management software for architects.

Here are the top four features that architects love about WorkGuru.


Jobs change, and WorkGuru can let you change your projects too

Things in the real world are rarely set in stone. No matter how much prep work you do, you can never completely guarantee that your projects won’t need to change. WorkGuru offers flexible tools that let you add in elements as you go while keeping track of how this changes your predicted profits. 

Because you can track your teams time and actual stock usage in real-time, you are able to make sure that your projects are still profitable even if they are over budget. The easy to use invoicing tools also mean that you can bill your clients for your actual costs to make sure that everything that has been tracked is billed for. 

Keep track of prospects with Sales and CRM tools

Not every quote you send out or phone call you make will lead to a project. WorkGuru has lead management tools that let you manage prospects separately. You can assign leads to a member of your team, track their progress through the sales cycle and report on their status. 

You can also keep a track of each client and see what projects and quotes have been completed for them. Anyone in your team can quickly understand that client with a single search. It means a much smoother experience for your team and your client if an account manager is not available. 

Track emails, communications & files

Speaking of a smooth experience, WorkGuru makes it easy to send and track emails and files against projects. Supporting connection with your emails, you can send quotes, invoices and other files straight from WorkGuru. 

Not only that but WorkGuru can also help you keep track of emails you’ve sent or received from your inbox, plus files you want to assign to the project. Use the tracking tools you can send an email into WorkGuru and it will attach to the right projects, making it easy for all your team to share stay on top of what’s happening in a project. It also means you can save time, no longing having to search for that email from the start of the project!

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Manage Your Progress Claims

Progress claims help you manage your own - and your customer’s - cash flow, so WorkGuru makes it easy for you. WorkGuru offers a variety of invoicing methods for your projects to help you claim for each phase of your projects. 

The progress claim templates will also let you and your client know how much has been invoiced in total, and how much is still left to pay. Our templates are customizable too, so if there are other statements of information you want to include, you could set up your templates differently to manage this. 

Visit our Architects page to learn more about the features that can help your business. 


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WorkGuru | 4 reasons architects choose WorkGuru Business Software