April 2020 Release

Hoping You’re all Safe and Well

First things first, from all of the team here at WorkGuru, we hope that you, your team and your family are safe and well during this Covid19 crisis. We are aware of far too many people and businesses who have been impacted, and our thoughts are with you all at this time. We look forward to the day when this crisis is over, and we can all get back to work, and get small business moving again!


…but we’ve been putting our lockdown time to good use

We’ve been locked in front of our computers and pretty much chained to our desks for the last month, so it’s been a great time to get some excellent new features into the hands of our users for testing! Some highlights are


  • Multi-Currency Purchase Orders
  • Supplier Order Forms
  • Timesheet details on invoices
  • A Major Permissions Update
  • Potential Stock Shortages Report with AutoBuy
  • Pure Stock Sales

We’ll drill into each of these features below!

Multi-Currency Purchase Orders

For our clients that import goods from overseas, we now support multiple currency purchasing, which converts to your local currency to calculate landed costs.

To configure multiple currencies, Edit your Accounting Settings, and add as many foreign currencies as you like. 
These options will appear when you next go to add a purchase order, as in the below screenshots.


When you change the currency of the Purchase Order, WorkGuru looks up the current European Central Bank exchange rate, and auto-populates the exchange rate field. If you’ve got a particular rate you’re buying at, or you want to change this value, you’re able to override it as you wish.





When you receive the PO, you have an opportunity to update the exchange rate again, which will lock in the landed cost on your PO, and create the stock journal in your default currency, at your specified exchange rate. 
When it comes to pushing the PO through to your accounting platform, just make sure you’ve got the right currencies enabled!

Supplier Order Forms

We’ve been asked by several clients to create a supplier order form, that will prompt them for each item they’re buying from a supplier, and this has now been released.

To build a supplier order form, simply create a New Purchase Order, and then select your supplier. You’ll then be given the opportunity to “Build Order Form.”





When you click the “Build Order Form” button, the Purchase Order will populate with every item you can buy from that supplier, so you can go through and tick them off as required. 

Timesheet Details on Invoices 

As an extension to our document customisation, you can now put your staff timesheets on invoices for your customers.

To add timesheets to your invoices, add a new Table with the description “Timesheets” and use the merge fields that are described in the image. For extra details refer to our Merge Field Reference.







Permissions Updated

We’ve released an extensive update to our user and roles permissions. With the new update, you’re able to specify extra granular permissions such as allowing staff to create invoices, but not approve them.


You can hide the profitability widget from certain staff, and allow others the permissions to add timesheets on behalf of other users.


Remember that you can specify role based permissions as a starting point for your account (e.g. User vs Project Manager) and if you need to, you can give individual users special permissions outside their roles.






Potential Stock Shortages Report with AutoBuy

The Potential Stock Shortages Report looks at the projects you’ve got on, the stock you’ve used, what’s incoming, and what you’ve got to give you a list of things that you might run out of. It also gives you a summary of how much that it’s all expected to cost you!







This report is accessible from the Reports Tab, and works by allowing you to specify a date range that you want to order out to (so you’re not buying things you don’t need for 6 months). Once the report has run, you’ll be able raise DRAFT purchase orders for each supplier in the list. 
PRO Tip: You can filter this report by supplier using the Search box, and only order the products you REALLY need!

Pure Stock Sales

WorkGuru was built as a project management platform that supported inventory, but we’ve had increasing calls from our customers to support straight up stock sales. This month, we’re releasing the ability to sell your stock straight to the client, without creating a project for it. This feature will be refined over the coming months, but for now – you can sell out of any of your warehouses, and invoice straight off the sale.

WorkGuru will NOT let you dispatch orders for which you don’t have stock, and will highlight in red the lines that are preventing you from dispatching








Stock Sales have their own numbering system (e.g. SO1001) to clearly differentiate them from Project-based stock usage.