Announcing Our New (Inventory FREE) Edition

WorkGuru | Announcing Our New (Inventory FREE) Edition
Today WorkGuru is happy to announce a new edition of the platform, targeted at those customers who need all of our job management goodness, but without the complications of inventory. As of today, WorkGuru will be offered in two editions, WorkGuru, and WorkGuru+ with WorkGuru+ being the full-featured platform that everyone has had until now, and WorkGuru being for those clients who don't want or need to track inventory.

We've been asked for a while now to make this a reality, and it was one of the big takeaways from Xerocon, that for those customers without inventory needs, the price point made WorkGuru a stretch. By reducing the complexity of the standard WorkGuru offering, we're able to drastically reduce the price point for our less complex customers, and provide subscriptions from just $30 per user per month (min 5 users). 

By providing customers with the option to choose the level of complexity, WorkGuru becomes an option for more of our Architecture, Engineering, Consulting and Professional Services clients, who want the power of our job maangement - but who would never use the inventory module.

The base product still has all of the best-in-class features that WorkGuru+ does when it comes to managing your Quotes, Projects, Purchasing, Invoicing and Timesheets, as well as access to our custom dashboards, and pivot table reporting, but at a price point that recognises that simpler businesses have lower support overheads, and server costs.

WorkGuru | Announcing Our New (Inventory FREE) Edition